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Project Description
GotchaSoft Child Links Migrator allows you to easily migrate your DotNetNuke install from using GotchaSoft's module to Ventrian's Child Links module. As GotchaSoft is no longer available to update their module to work with DotNetNuke version 6+.

  • Why Use Child Links Migrator? **
We have one site that has GotchaSoft's version of Child Links (which is/was free) in 526 times!! (Yes, a big site). But that module doesn't work in DotNetNuke v.6+. A search for the module reveals that it seems GotchaSoft has fallen off of the planet. So I built a module that will help you easily migrate to use Ventrian's Child Links module.

We didn't want to hit up those 526 modules one by one. Also - if you install Ventrian's Child Links while GotchaSoft's is still there - you will get errors out the wha-zoo due to the FriendlyName of both being ChildLinks....

This migration will keep all html & css in place as well as Module Placement on the page!!!

This module will walk you through the steps of:
  1. Exporting the module info & settings for EACH instance of a GotchaSoft Child Links module on the entire INSTALL (all portals).
  2. Tell you when to un-install GotchaSofts' Child Links Module (back up your DotNetNuke install first!)
  3. Tell you when to install Ventrian's Child Links module
  4. Re-Create instances of the modules transformed to Ventrians module. Module placement and html/Css will remain intact!

Please test locally before trying on a live site- and report any errors to me through the issue tracker.

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